Responsive & Mobile Website Development

What is a Responsive Website?

Responsive Websites are websites that are designed and developed so that they are optimized to work on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. You’ll notice on most websites that as you shrink the window, the elements on the page collapse. The overall design of the page is meant to fit any device while remaining functional and still looking great.


Key Benefits and Weaknesses with this approach


  • Less costly than a mobile website
  • Only a single site to maintain
  • You only input the content once
  • Preferred by Google


  • Content structure not optimized for specific devices
  • User Experience is not fully optimized


What is a Mobile Website?

Mobile Websites are different than their responsive counterparts. For these, you provide a completely different User Experience (UX) for the user based on the device that they are using. The elements on the page don’t collapse in via that trick we showed you (shrinking the window and watching). You are typically redirected to an entirely different website URL. If you notice a or then you are likely using a Mobile Website and not a responsive website.

These are particularly effective if you have a LOT of content or you want your mobile users to only focus on specific actions. Mobile users are typically visiting because it’s convenient and are looking to quickly find pertinent information. In some cases, mobile websites are a better choice.


Key Benefits and Weaknesses with this approach


  • Better overall experience for users
  • Higher click-through-rates (CTRs)
  • Content structure is designed for mobile users


  • More costly
  • Requires additional technical setup
  • Overall maintenance time is higher
  • Content may need to be entered again


How to decide

Deciding which one of these can be an overwhelming task. Some of the determining factors are:

  1. Budget
  2. Customer base
  3. Technical capability
  4. Overall resources
  5. Timeline

While these factors may only be a few in number, they are the most important. After evaluating these key factors, nDigit will help your company decide what works best to match your digital marketing goals.


Our goal is to make you happy. nDigit will work with you to make the right decisions to ensure it doesn’t end up costing you more in the end.

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