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Producing great work that’s usable, extensible and creative — that’s the nDigit promise to you. At nDigit, we invest not only our time and energy into our work — but into the success of your company.


We focus on understanding your business, your customers, and how to increase your bottom line. That is our mission: To make you, our customer, more successful.


You might find us working out of a coffee shop or at a co-working space near your office. We’re open, collaborative and always flexible. We don’t take on the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. This non-traditional business model allows us to pass a significant cost savings to our clients, right out of the gate. We like it that way and our existing clients do too.


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Significant cost savings when compared to brick-and-mortar agencies

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Intimacy without sex: The advantage of having sex in college.

In many young lives, college is seen as a time to express yourself creatively, verbally and yes, even sexually!

In a relationship, intimacy is usually associated with sex, but only because you have sex, it means that you have intimacy?

What if you’re not doing this? You don’t have the intimacy?Bigcityintellect.blogspot.com.

While intimacy is, of course, an important part of sex, if you don’t have it, can you still be intimate?

If you don’t have sex as often as you think you’re supposed to be, there’s something wrong with your relationship.Proximity may mean close sexual intercourse, but it may also mean intimacy with another person. So intimacy can exist very much without sex …

So, if you’re someone who’s waiting for the right time (as a marriage) to have sex or you try to cut sex for another reason, there are ways to maintain intimacy without sex …

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Be intimate with your emotions …

Something that I would recommend to do now, and then write a poem that reflects how you treat your partner. Get a poem with your partner and let him know how you feel …

Write love notes or poetry to each other; you may be surprised at the answer. Sometimes it’s easier to record your feelings when you have a lot of time to express your thoughts and tell you how you feel …

Transfering your partner is a handwritten and full meaning can be a great way to increase the emotional intimacy of your relationship …

Being physical and not to be TOO is physical ..