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Producing great work that’s usable, extensible and creative — that’s the nDigit promise to you. At nDigit, we invest not only our time and energy into our work — but into the success of your company.


We focus on understanding your business, your customers, and how to increase your bottom line. That is our mission: To make you, our customer, more successful.


You might find us working out of a coffee shop or at a co-working space near your office. We’re open, collaborative and always flexible. We don’t take on the overhead of a brick-and-mortar location. This non-traditional business model allows us to pass a significant cost savings to our clients, right out of the gate. We like it that way and our existing clients do too.


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Significant cost savings when compared to brick-and-mortar agencies

A Digitally Creative Team

An Experienced, Strategic Company

Secure, Reliable and Knowledgeable

Strong Customer-centric Focus

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