10 Tips for Getting Found Online as a Real Estate Agent

10 Tips for Getting Found Online as a Real Estate Agent 6 min read

Real Estate Agents have a tough market to compete in. During the housing bubble of the mid-2000s you’d see more and more Real Estate Agents coming on board and shooting for the same, localized market. In all of my experience as a Digital Strategist, I would say this has to be one of the toughest markets out there.


There are, however, a few ways that you can gain an edge on your competition. Despite the fact that this is largely a word of mouth industry, it’s always good to have a consistent funnel of leads from every direction. One of the most important things to getting found on the web is to have a strong digital presence. Here are a few tips to help you get found as a Real Estate Agent on the web:



1.) Target Local Keywords

If you scroll to the bottom of this article, you’ll notice a few distinct tags: Palm Beach County, Florida and Delray Beach. When people search for a Real Estate Agent, they often include the name of their county, state or city.


It’s important to realize this simple fact. If you’re already marketing your content across Social Media and your website, ensure you place localized terms in the titles and text. Bold them, italicize them or increase their font size (within reason). Google will place a larger emphasis on these words when determining relevancy.


2.) Research which SEO keywords to use

If you haven’t already hired someone to do this for you, it’s worth it. Otherwise, there are a few free tools to help you determine which terms to use:


3.) Write blog entries consistently

In order to increase your visibility on the search pages, you’ll need to keep writing. If you don’t have a blog — create one! Sit down once or twice a week and write an article on the area, it’s benefits (child care, schooling, etc.) or upcoming events.


Also, make sure these articles are at least 250 words. If you write some short blurb without any substance you don’t do yourself any favors. Google won’t be able to draw relevant terms and people won’t find any value in what you’re pushing to them.


4.) Link internally to existing articles

You may have noticed throughout this article that I’ve been linking to external resources and a few articles that have been written by the nDigit team. This is an incredibly effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. It increases findability of old posts and allows search engines to more effectively crawl your content.


5.) Be visual at all times

Use photos, videos, podcasts or whatever you can. Exhaust every opportunity to communicate your information visually. You only have 5 seconds to communicate what you’re trying to say. Make..every..second..count.


6.) Optimize for mobile

Where do the majority of your users look for property? When they’re on the go. People need the ability to see property when they’re out. If they have a hard time pulling up information on their phone — they won’t. You’ve then lost your lead in a matter of seconds.


Make sure that whatever you produce is optimized for mobile. Google will give you preference in search results and is now even applying a “Mobile Friendly” label next to your listing.


7.) List your properties in directories

Let’s face it — your chances of placing at the top of the search results are fairly limited. Bear with me here. You’re competing not only with other Real Estate Agents but with directory services like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and Homes.com.


Why not use those services to your advantage? List yourself and your properties in any real estate directories you can find. Define that process clearly and repeat it.


8.) Use Social Media at every turn

Where are you? What property are you now listing? Is there an event that’s coinciding with your open house? Let people know!


Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ can be lifesavers. They give you the ability to communicate your message and provide information on new properties for FREE. If you don’t use them, your competition will.


9.) Be creative with your pitch

“Hey you, yeah you…buy this.” — this isn’t an effective pitch. When you’re writing about your properties be sure to do so in a unique way. Remember, you’re talking to real people. Excessive exclamation points and overly verbose/colorful language can turn people off.


10.) Tell buyers a story

People really enjoy listening to stories. If you connect on a personal and emotional level buyers will get excited about a property.


If there are any events going on, show what that event looks like, a map to how close it is to the property and how much fun those residents are having because they can walk back whenever they want. Explain everything you need to visually:


This company does a great job tying you to the area. It looks amazing and it’s something that will resonate. If you want to be on a buyers mind — this is how.


Hopefully these tips help you as a Real Estate Agent get found on and offline. Have any additional tips for agents? Let us know below!




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