12 User Experience Tools Every Company Should Know About

12 User Experience Tools Every Company Should Know About 5 min read

At the heart of every great design is one key component: the User Experience (UX). Creating a great user experience is no easy task. There are many complex psychological components that need to be considered at every turn. In the end, you can only hope you made the right choices.


Of course, there are a few tools out there that will help you test your ideas to ensure that every user that visits your site has an amazing experience. Here are a few ways to gauge how well you’re doing:



When trying to decide which one to use the first question you should ask is: What do I want to survey? Then — How do I want to ask users? Once you’ve figured it out, these services will help you get there:

  • Survey Monkey (Free) — A basic survey service
  • WuFoo Forms ($14.95/mo) — A drag and drop form creator
  • Click Insights ($20/mo) — Email campaigns dedicated to receiving feedback on specific topics
  • Survata ($200/survey) — You create a User Experience (UX) survey and they find people to take it. The respondents are based on demographic information you supply.
  • Voice Polls ($0.10 per response) — Much like Survata


Of course, there are many more services out there like these. Nonetheless, they all can provide some valuable information on where your UX strengths and weaknesses are.


User Activity

One of the hardest things to pinpoint on your website is what users are actually doing. Sure you might have some insights as to their browsing habits (Google Analytics) — but what are they looking at? Why are they spending 5 minutes on that one article? Do they even see that call to action you worked so hard on?!


Here are a few services to help you answer those questions:

  • Heat Map (Trial) — In a limited Beta currently but it provides the ability to see a heatmap of how users move around your site and what components they use most frequently.
  • Crazy Egg (30 Day Trial) — Another heatmap company
  • User Testing ($49/video) — Real videos of users actually using your product.
  • UX Suite (Trial) — Click testing, web testing, surveys and more.
  • Temper ($49/mo)– A simple interface that gives users 3 emoticons to choose from: do they like your content, are indifferent or do they hate it?


User Definition (Personas)

Do you know who your users are? Who they will be? Testing these out can be incredibly important to new products. These tools will help you figure out who you’re really dealing with:

  • Persona App (Free) — Create profiles for the different personas that visit your site.
  • Up Close & Persona (Free) — This utility asks you a number of different questions in an attempt to help you define your audience members.


UX/UI Design Tools

I’ll save the actual UX/UI tools for a later article. Have any tools you think we’re missing here? Feel free to let us know below!