7 Reasons You Should be using Google+ Brands

7 Reasons You Should be using Google+ Brands 4 mins read

Google controls a whopping 67.6% of all search traffic in the U.S. Everyday they have over 300 million active users checking their streams on Google+ with over 1 million brands circulating content. If you haven’t already signed up for a Google+ Brand page, you’re missing out on a lucrative opportunity.


Let’s think about 67.6% of your market and see why this is definitely something your business should be using:


1.) Your competitor is doing it

Your customers are looking on Google and trying to find services that you, and your competitors,  provide. Your competitor shows up in the map, with a logo and a few posts about this service. Your listing is either at the bottom or, even worse, on page 2 (where only 5.59% of search traffic goes).


They click your competitors site and there goes your lead.


2.) Attention spans are down to 8 seconds

Yes, that’s correct. You have, on average, about 8 seconds to grab a user’s attention. If your listing isn’t immediately available, it’s likely that you’re going to get looked over.


3.) Brand Pages puts you on the map

You have the ability to set your business hours, location, products & services and even upload photos so people know what your building looks like. For restaurants this is extremely important. Check out what happens when I type in “Restaurants near me”




Unfortunately, not all of these businesses have Google+ pages and they’re missing out. They could respond to the reviews and engage their customers and also control the photos that are being posted. If their number changes — they can update it! Google+ puts the control back in the business’s hands.


4.) Your recent posts show up when someone searches for you

If a customer is following your brand on Google+, your profile will show up when they type in your company name. Take a look:



5.) Your ranking increases when someone +1’s your post

+1-ing somthing is the facebook equivalent of “liking” your post. If you have a large amount of +1s on an article that you post, Google will elevate that article in search rankings.


6.) Your logo will appear in the search results

Yeaup, that’s right. If it’s deemed relevant by Google, your brand’s logo will appear in the search listings. When everyone else has a bland listing, yours will stand out and generate higher Click-through Rates (CTR).




7.) All of your Google+ posts are indexed

So now you have your website and your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) influencing your positioning in the rankings.



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