Advertising on Memorial Day: Wrong For Your Brand?

Advertising on Memorial Day: Wrong For Your Brand? 1 min read

Each and every year, brands tip their hat, hold hands high to their hearts and pay homage to the brave men and women who serve and have served for our country.  As most of America enjoys their extra day off in observance of the sacrifices of these men and women in our U.S. Armed Forces, brands have to ask the question: “Is memorializing veterans smart for my brand?” The answer is not always “yes.”


Brands who are attempting to pay homage to our Armed Forces must pay close attention to ensure that their message is respectful, relevant and stands out amongst competing brands. Messages must be delivered with timely and engaging messages in order to succeed in their efforts. However, it is quite easy to end up in the crosshairs of disgruntled customers.


Sure year-in reviews and photos of military personnel reuniting with their families may tug at the heart strings of your customers, but companies must ask themselves: is that even relevant to your brand? If the answer is “No” or “Not really” then you’re most likely headed down a wrong path.


Companies must take a hard look at their marketing goals. Is marketing to service personnel on Memorial Day worth it? Will it be seen as exploitation? If it does, how will your brand recover? Or should providing consistent discounts and aid to our brave U.S. Armed Forces personnel be something your brand pursues on a daily basis? I believe that if you look inward, you’ll see the latter is most likely true.