The Biggest Reason We Fail

The Biggest Reason We Fail 2 min read

When we started nDigit a few years ago both Carly and I had come to a crossroads. We were tired of making other people money, having no interaction with the people we’re helping and only getting a pat on the head from our internal team when we finished the work. We needed more.


I sat back in my chair one day thinking about what I was going to do next. I started talking to a friend of mine in the industry, who at the time was working solo (now gainfully employed with Quora), and he kept hammering away:


There will never be a right time. You just have to do it.


My entire body tensed up when I thought about losing my healthcare, 401k, dental, vision, paid time off, holiday parties… what if I wanted to get married and have kids? Those kids would surely need stability! What if I broke my hands crossing the street and couldn’t type? I’d be ruined!


All of these irrational fears kept me from doing what I was really meant to do: ideate, create and fully enjoy what we do for a living. I came up with so many excuses on “Why I shouldn’t” while never focusing on the “Why I should.”


The biggest reason we fail? We never take the chance.