Digital Content Marketing 101

Digital Content Marketing 101 2 min read

What Is Digital Content Marketing?

Digital Content Marketing is marketing technique that aims to distribute targeted content across multiple channels. The end goal is to drive customer interaction with your brand. This can be generally be through social interaction, sharing (through social channels or even word-of-mouth) and sales conversions. Smart marketers know how valuable this technique can be in driving your sales volumes.

OK, so how does it work?

It all begins with the generation of content. For a while, marketers pushed the sole notion that content is king. Quality was relevant but was not necessarily fundamental as long as you had the most out there. You may have heard this at one point or another and while it still stands true, the market has made a dynamic shift to where not only is it the amount of content but the amount of good content.


Recent studies have shown that people simply skim online content and don’t read the entire thing. You’re probably doing it right now.


It’s important to capture their limited attention span. To not only create, but to create something useful.


How do I distribute it?

There are a number of different ways that you can market your content. A few of these include:


Social Channels

This is distributing unique content through your existing social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, etc.). The end-game is to have customers share your product or service which in turn will elevate your brand. When people share your content, there is an inherent amount of trust that is transferred. Their friends, colleagues and surrounding social personalities will already come with some (hopeful) measure of trust that what you’re selling is something they want to buy.



This is a subset of the social channels market but is important to note. To build what we call brand equity you will need to generate unique content that is specific to your brand. Over time, this equity increases as you become a more trustable source of information. Brand equity will eventually turn into a conversion (a sale, new client or brand interaction).

Blogging is all about making this happen. Create content, distribute, build equity, convert.


Content Exchanges

Companies like Outbrain have sprung up to give marketers a new way of getting their content out there. These companies allow you to create content and then place it on large publishing sites like CNBC for a nominal fee. For marketers with a larger budget, this is a great way to get your branded content out there.

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