Embracing the (Marketing) Experience

Embracing the (Marketing) Experience 4 min read

Chances are by now you have seen the ads for Facebook LIVE. They’ve been scattered across a number of different mediums (broadcast, online TV and video ads). Facebook has done an incredible job with this ad campaign. If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a look:



Did you catch it?


They’re not selling the product by telling you how great it is..they’re “selling” it to you by showing you that you can capture experiences. Listen to the messaging on this single commercial again:



They’re speaking to the viewer on a human level. Facebook took something that people already innately cared about and used it to elevate their product.


That’s marketing done right, folks. Where you engage with a product without even questioning the why.


You start to evaluate all of the possibilities with this technology: “I could use this when my kid first tries ice cream (and gets a brainfreeze), or when we surprise my mom for her birthday or maybe when I decide to finally pick the guitar back up after all these years.” You’re hooked..and for good reason. You’re ready to “show the world”.


These experiences we used to have to capture with a digital camera, edit, upload and then share are now at our fingertips with a simple swipe.


Do you see it now?


Embrace the experience. The experience will drive adoption of the product.

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