A Field Guide to Lame Logos

A Field Guide to Lame Logos 4 min read

Nowadays, pretty much anyone thinks they can design a great logo. Unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for the job. The following is a quick guide to some of the more commonly-sighted logo design abominations. They can be found everywhere — spas, law firms, restaurants, and even tech start-ups. The next lame logo you see will likely fall into one of these categories:


The ‘Special’ Effects Logo

This is a logo that utilizes effects such as superfluous gradients, drop shadows, glows, bevels, and the like. They make your company look unprofessional, and  they pose problems during printing and web use because they don’t translate well onto certain backgrounds or remain effective at smaller sizes.


The $5 Logo

A logo that was designed by one of the many companies offering dirt-cheap logo designs. There’s no real creativity behind it and there’s definitely no passion. These logos tend to have cliché elements, such as ‘swooshes’ and other overused graphic elements.



The Stock Typography Logo

A logo that uses a stock font such as Times New Roman, Impact, or fonts such as the infamous Papyrus and Comic Sans. It makes the company look unprofessional and dated.



The Cheesy Clipart Logo

A logo that uses an image similar to the clipart you would find in the mid 90’s on Microsoft word. It cheapens the image of the company and gives it an unprofessional vibe.



The Inadvertently X-Rated Logo

A logo with a (usually) unintended double entendre of a sexual nature. This type of logo WILL offend people. (OK, it’ll probably make them laugh, too… but that’s besides the point here.)




The Copy-Cat Logo

A logo that is based on another, more well-renowned logo. Expect that cease-and-desist order in the mail any day now! You could get into some hot water with a logo like this. Also, it’s very unoriginal.

If any of these logos look like yours, or if you shudder at the thought of your new logo ending up like these, let nDigit help. Our handcrafted logos are always top-notch, and will help your business put its best foot forward. Get started here.


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