New Domain Extensions Leave some Skeptical, Confused

New Domain Extensions Leave some Skeptical, Confused 2 min read

As the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) continues to add more domains, it’s leaving some people skeptical and confused. According to a recent research study by Sedo, U.S. marketers have an increasingly negative view of these additions.


Sedo surveyed some 1,150 businesses throughout the U.S. to get a few statistics on these domains. What it found may be surprising to some.


China’s acceptance of these new top-level domains is greater than any other country

Of the businesses polled, an overwhelming majority of 86% of respondents said that introduction of the new Top-level domains (TLDs) was a good idea.


U.S. based marketers are far more skeptical than any of their peers in others countries

75% of U.S. respondents said that the introduction of these new Top-level domains (TLDs) would make the internet far confusing.  When stacked up against the fact that only a total of 43% of respondents agreed with this viewpoint, the odds are stacked heavily against the U.S. marketers.


Awareness is growing but is still in it’s infancy

Since 2013, the level of awareness for Top-level domains (TLDs) has risen by 15%. With over 300 domains now available, these are quickly becoming hard to keep up with.