Dan the Cookie Man

About the Project

Dan the Cookie Man makes some of the best damn cookies in South Florida. When we went down Fort Lauderdale, FL to meet with him and it’s safe to say that he bought our hearts with cookies. A box of White Chocolate Pumpkin cookies to be exact.

Dan has been making cookies for over 30 years and we wanted his online presence to fully reflect that. We wanted to provide an experience that would make anyone who visited the website salivate instantly as we pull them through the mouth watering product photos. A strange goal when said out loud… Just take a look at these shots we got and you’ll understand what I mean:


Makes you want a cookie, right? How about a dozen? He delivers.

A few of the particular features we provided:

  • Responsive website design & development
  • WordPress development
  • Product photo shoot (those delicious cookies you see above)
  • eCommerce setup with free local shipping enabled
  • Mobile optimizationfor the hungry customer on-the-go
  • Social media setup for Facebook, Google+ and Youtube


This was undoubtedly one of our favorite websites to build (and not just because of the free cookies). That rumbling in your stomach wants you to go to https://danthecookieman.com/. You’ll be happy you did.


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