About the Project

PoliticFeed is an organization that helps people follow their favorite politicians. The website takes over 500 sources of information and compiles them into an easily-digestible format.

nDigit first met with the creator, Julie Martin, and thoroughly analyzed her concept to optimize PoliticFeed’s functionality and ability. We then put together and fulfilled a strategy for designing, developing, and pushing this concept out to the world.

The website features include:

  • WordPress integration
  • Mobile and Tablet optimization
  • Full automation of news from over 500 public and private sources
  • An extensive politician database of state, local and national politicians
  • AJAX searching of a politician database
  • Social integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for each politician
  • Analytics integration
  • User login with the ability to create a profile
  • Favoriting feature for users to be able to follow their favorite politicians


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