Sean Holloran


About the Project

Sean Holloran is an international music artist that came to us with a need to get his name out there. We worked together with Sean to put together a new logo, website design and integrate some of his favorite services so that his fans could keep up-to-date on his progress.



Sean needed a brand built from scratch. His web presence was outdated, had some majority security issues in the past and he had a limited budget to get up and going. In addition to all of this, he needed an easy way to add and edit the content on his website without needing administrative help from nDigit.



We were able to work through the legacy issues that Sean was having by providing:

  • Hosting support
  • An Open-source CMS (WordPress)
  • Web Development services
  • Brand identity development
  • Social strategy development

All these came together nicely to form the site that you see today. We were also able to provide some custom implementations of third-party services like BandsInTown, Twitter and Instagram.