About the Project

Technical420 is a platform for stock research & analysis built on Drupal. It comes fully equipped with a recurring subscription management system, an eCommerce store and direct integration with a stock data API.



Technical420 is a group of stock analysts and industry experts that provides research on the finance industry and its tremendous growth. They needed a robust platform to display stock information and their research. This had to be packaged into a recurring subscription and their industry reports needed to be for sale on an individual basis.

CEO Michael Berger and his team had an overall vision but had yet to define how they would attack the market. They had tried with another development company and weren’t able to execute on their vision. Enter nDigit.



nDigit was able to come in and help Michael and his team develop a cohesive Digital Strategy to push their product out to the financial world. Through an extensive discovery process and many product iterations, it was clear that Drupal would be the ideal foundation for their platform. Drupal was able to provide Technical420 a way to update all of their information and maintain total control over the way that their site looks.

Using a combination of different services and eCommerce modules, nDigit was able to accommodate all of the essential features that would be needed to make this platform successful.

Advanced Features:

  • Full eCommerce integration with PayPal
  • Subscription management system
  • Automated Integration with Mailchimp
  • Mobile-ready design and functionality
  • Direct Integration with a stock API
  • Automated updates of stock information and calculation of index prices