The Sales Evangelist


About the Project

The Sales Evangelist is a sales consultant, blogger, and award-winning public speaker. He was in need of a logo design, a business card design, as well as an image for podcasts.


The Sales Evangelist lacked a visual identity. There was nothing for his potential clients and audiences to visually identify with, which was an issue considering the fact that he would come into contact with many potential clients who attend public speaking and consulting events where multiple speakers would be present. The Sales Evangelist needed a way to connect with his audience and leave an impression on them.


Working closely with The Sales Evangelist, we were able to establish a memorable and exciting identity from scratch through the following steps:

  • Learning about the company and its potential clients
  • Creating a fresh, bold logo design to represent the company and establish a brand
  • Working from the logo design to develop a unique business card design
  • Teaming up with a professional photographer to create an exciting podcast cover design that matched the new identity

This new identity has brought growth and a higher level of legitimacy to The Sales Evangelist as a brand.