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In this fast-paced digital world, it’s all to common to hit information overload. So many avenues and different directions to take. Which one will work best for your company? Is it all going to be a waste of time? What if the company you hire locks you into a proprietary system and you end up having to re-do it all?


We help to guide you along your decision making process. Our Digital Technology Solutions are all open-source and won’t tie you to a system that you can’t use. We ensure that everything is properly documented and handed over so you hold the keys to the solution you paid for. Let us help make your digital journey an easy one.

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No vendor lock-in

99.8% uptime guarantee

Creative solutions

 Solutions We Provide

508 Accessibility Compliance

Ensure your applications are accessible to all

Application Programming Interface (API)

Connect with third-party vendors to extend your capabilities

Content Management Systems

All open-source solutions that won’t handcuff you to a specific vendor

Drupal Development

An open-source platform used widely by Entertainment, Hospital and Government agencies


Secure payment processing and website setup that will drive your business forward

Email Marketing

Efficient, value-priced email marketing campaigns right to the inbox of your customers

Information Architecture (IA)

A map of your website in an easy-to-read format

Landing Pages Development

Single pages that provide creative interaction with your customers

Loyalty Rewards Programs

Reward consumers for using your products 

Mobile Web Development

Website development for customers on the go

Responsive Websites

Develop a site to work on Desktops, Mobile and Tablets

Website Security Audits

Making sure that your systems are safe, secure and reliable

Social Media Integration

Integration with your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Technical Consultation

Evaluation of services to make sure that they make sense for your business

Usability Studies

From the ground up, understand how users interact with your product online

Website Hosting

99.8% Uptime Garauntee hosting everything from Small Businesses to Large Corporations 

WordPress Development

Open-source platform that makes editing your sites content hassle-free


Need help deciding?

Let nDigit do the leg work for you. Our experienced team is ready to help!